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The certifications

The trademark* “Bertolinlegno” of Bertolinlegno srl enjoys some the certifications:

1) the Chain of Custody System (FSC®)
2) PEFC - Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Today our company is capable of offering FSC Certified material, indicating lumber originating from forest correctly managed according to severe environmental, social and economic standard.
The forest origin is checked and assessed independently according to the forest management principles and criteria established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) that can be summarised as follows:
- Compliance with the natural laws in force as well as with international agreements
- Safeguarding of the title and rights of use of land and of the forest resource
- Safeguarding of the indigenous populations that depend of the forest
- Safeguarding of the rights of the workers and of the local communities, focusing on labour safety and their economic and social well-being
- Promotion of many products, services and benefits deriving from the forest
- Safeguarding of the landscape and of the forest's integrity
- Forest monitoring and assessment
- Preservation of the forest of major ecologic and naturalistic worth
- Management of forest plantations in accordance with the foregoing principles.
The FSC® and the PEFC is an internationals no profit Organizations that includes among its members environmentalist and social groups wood first processing, transformation and trade industries that work together to improve the managements of forest throughout the world.

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